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Our Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches

LeaderSpring works with a cadre of diverse trainers and facilitators who are top in their field in both organizational leadership and management. 

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ANTOINE MOORE,Contra Costa Leadership Institute Facilitator

Antoine has worked in various forms of leadership development for over 20 years and is at heart a people developer.  He partners with executives and managers to help them build on their natural strengths and become more effective, complex-thinking leaders who are able to develop and guide their staff. Antoine is certified as an Integral Coach and is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Catalyst for Growth, a coaching, training, and consulting practice. In addition to his coaching practice, Antoine is a Lead Trainer and Leadership Coach at Trauma Transformed (T2), a Leadership Co-facilitator at LeaderSpring, and a Facilitator of Interpersonal Dynamics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


LISA AHN, Contra Costa Leadership Institute Facilitator

Lisa Ahn is an organizational consultant and leadership coach based in the Bay Area.  She brings over 13 years of experience working with leaders and organizations in non-profit and education sectors.  Lisa designs and delivers equity-centered leadership development programs, facilitates team retreats, and coaches senior leaders towards greater effectiveness and alignment.  Her clients include Oakland Unified School District, Stanford University Medical School, Education Pioneers, and LeaderSpring.  

Lisa has a B.A in History from Williams College and a M.S. in Organizational Change Management from The New School.  In 2012, Lisa trained at Stanford Graduate School of Business to facilitate interpersonal dynamics groups, which support students in developing their emotional intelligence and effective communication skills. 



AMANDA COOPER, Communications and Campaign Strategy | LightBox Collaborative


CAROL CANTWELL, Nonprofit Finance | Fun With Financials


RITA SEVERS, Human Resources | Supervision Matters


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