Study Trips

The study trip is a three to four-day learning excursion to a nationally or internationally respected nonprofit agency. All LeaderSpring Fellows have an opportunity to take a study trip during the second year of their Fellowship. Previous international destinations include: Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Kathmandu, Nepal. The main goals of the study trips are to: 

  1. Help Fellows achieve their stated learning goals for the Fellowship.
  2. Learn concrete tools and ideas that Fellows can apply to their agency.
  3. Gain inspiration by observing other agencies and leadership models.
  4. Take time away from day-to-day work for individual learning and reflection.
“The study trip was one of the most profound experiences of my professional career. I would actually rate it higher than a seven if the scale allowed. Throughout my trip, I was learning new concepts, policies, and strategies that I could immediately apply in my work.  I got so much more out of the experience than I could have imagined.”
— Eli Horn, San Francisco Class of 2007

Fellowship Coaching

LeaderSpring Executive Coaching is a complement to the comprehensive two-year Fellowship Program, and provides Fellows with at least 10 hours of executive coaching with the goal of supporting their growth as leaders. LeaderSpring’s coaching relies on interactive participation and collaboration by both the coach and Fellow. 

The fellow and coach decide on the details of the coaching alliance during an initial design session and build upon it throughout the working relationship. The coaching addresses overall goals, specific projects, and general conditions in the Fellow’s life or profession that relate to the outcomes they wish to achieve as a participant in the Fellowship. 

2017 Pro Bono Fellowship Coaches