Photo By: Jonathon Fong

Give to LeaderSpring

The best gift you can give to a cause you care about is a strong leader. LeaderSpring Center strengthens social sector change makers and organizations, supporting a growing network of leaders who work to promote human dignity and create a more equitable society. By investing in LeaderSpring, you are investing in hundreds of leaders and the one million low income community members they serve. 

You can give:

By debit/credit card through Click & Pledge's secure website. Simply click the "Donate" button above and you will be redirected to our donation page.

By check: Make out a check to "LeaderSpring, a project of Tides" and mail to LeaderSpring Center, c/o At My Sphere, 1212 Broadway 3rd Floor, Oakland, CA 94612.


Partner With Us

Through collaborations, partnerships and collective action, we can foster a powerful, equity-driven social sector. If you represent a nonprofit, university, association, or agency, contact us at to explore ways you can support us.